Advantages Of Tube Truss

Most of the pipe trusses are subjected to axial pressure or tension and are evenly dispersed in the cross section, so it is easy to play the role of materials. Therefore, this feature is the foundation of the pipe truss structure, and the structure’s own weight is also very small. It can be made into various shapes of trusses, arches, frames and towers, etc. Nowadays, the materials used for tube truss structure are also very wide, which has also been widely used.

In addition, most tube trusses are connected by welding between nodes. Before welding, we must cut according to the weld shape of each component. However, because the rods in the tube truss structure intersect the rods, the cross-sectional shape of the rod ends is relatively complicated, so mechanical cutting and manual cutting are used for processing.

The characteristics of truss structure and grid

The advantage of the tube truss is that it can bear tension and pressure, and can give full play to its role, thereby saving materials and reducing the weight of the structure. The pipe truss structure is based on the grid structure. Compared with the grid structure, it has more advantages and practicability, and the amount of structural steel is also very economical.

The advantage of the grid is that it has space carrying capacity, is very light, and has very good impact resistance. The disadvantage is that production and installation are more complicated.

The tubular truss structure mainly bears axial tension or pressure, and is widely used in industrial plants, automobile and other industrial equipment platform production lines, logistics and storage, public building gymnasiums, business clubs, high-speed railways, subway platforms, high-rise commercial buildings and other buildings.

Compared with the grid structure, the tube truss structure saves the grid ball and longitudinal member points, which can meet the requirements of the architectural form, especially the arched and curved structure has more advantages than the grid structure and saves the amount of material. The steel pipe truss structure was developed on the grid structure, so it is more practical and economical than the grid structure.

Compared with the more traditional sections (H-shaped steel and I-shaped steel), the section material and flexural capacity of the tube truss compression structure are stronger, and the structure is simple. The most important thing is that the appearance of the tube truss structure is very beautiful, with a certain decorative effect. The integrity of the pipe truss is very good, the appearance is beautiful, and the production, installation and hoisting are relatively easy. The steel pipe roof truss made of cold-formed thin-walled steel is also light in structure, good in rigidity, and very economical in steel, and can give full play to the advantages of material strength. The structure has a series of characteristics such as beautiful appearance, convenient production and installation, and good economic benefits.

Tips:astm a53 grade b is more popular than other grades. These pipes can be bare pipes without any coating, or it may be Hot-Dipped or Zinc-Coated and manufactured by Welding or by a Seamless manufacturing process. In Oil and Gas, A53 grade pipes are used in the structural and non-critical applications.