Government Assistance For Single Mothers Daycare Support For Single Parents

By Jennifer A. Gardner

Nearly all single parents have to work to meet their financial needs. It is not possible for them to look after their preschool children while at work. Daycare assistance is expensive so they require some sort of arrangement which is affordable. A number of groups recognize this and offer their help by arranging inexpensive daycare support.

So if you are a single parent looking for daycare support groups, you need to know the means to find one. There are a number of programs depending on your monthly income. Support generated from public funds is for very low income groups. These public assistance grants however do not distribute cash; rather they help single parents by giving them access to programs such as the Head Start. This program works by providing day care services free or at affordable price. They also help parents of preschool children by giving the much needed advice to get appropriate daycare facility for their children. All single parents who are getting public support can also benefit from the Head Start and other public services meant for them. Your social worker may help you in this regard. There are other programs which are based on your requirements, for example there are mother specific assistance programs.


It may happen that your income exceeds the limits for public assistance and Head Start. This is particularly true for mothers who are on court ordered support. They need to explore other areas for their support. There are preschools attached with various churches that may offer their support to single parents. Some of these are run for extended hours and their selection criteria are also not very strict. They also relax their fees for church members. Another hope is given by some private schools which support single parents. They offer financial aid which is linked to your income. You are required to fill in a form and give your financial position and support it with documents such as tax returns. You will benefit from their services if you are eligible. So help is available not only from the public sector but also from private schools and churches and it is up to you to get maximum benefit from these programs.

The dilemma of single parents is that they have to work and arrange something for their children at home also. However they may not be able to cope with situation within their own resources. Although help is available in many forms, however they may not be eligible, for various reasons. Still in that case the situation is not hopeless. Many Day Care centers require help with office work such as keeping records and other clerical jobs. Single parents can get this job and work for extra hours. In return they can get some financial concessions. There are many answers to a problem, all you have to do is to think and get the most suitable solution. It is always difficult for single parents to bring up children singly. Trying to get some support to make your life a little easieris the need of the hour.

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