The Best Car Games For The Pc

By Tom Tessin

People’s pastimes have dramatically changed. What seems to be interactive play or activities that are spent outdoor, like car racing, has been developed into computer games. However, this does not mean that real car racing is already obsolete. It’s just that players already have an option, or those people who doesn’t know how to drive a car, or those who are afraid to try real life car racing, they can play pc car games and experience the thrill.

Since the advent of computer games, car racing has continued to lead in the reputation of several game categories that are played by most people. Listed are some of the car games that stand out among the others.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

A list of car games is incomplete without Need for Speed. NFS developers focus on the illegal aspect of car racing. The sound effect is amazing and it has a very nice graphics. The most exciting part is the cut scenes to the hysterical police chases. This is one of those breathtaking car games out there.


Dirt 2

This is off-road pc game racing at its best. It has various difficulty modes which is for almost all types of players, either you’re a computer game adept or a newbie. Playing Dirt 2 in a multiplayer mode is so much loads of fun, you can almost feel the dust on the road and get so thrilled. Playing is usually lag-free and graphics and audio effects are awesome.

Test Drive Unlimited

It is set on an island with endless roads. There are lots of available tracks and can be played in single or multiplayer mode. Test Drive is a nice change from other car games that are having very much aggressive graphics and hyper audio effects.

Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel

This is a different car game, instead of a start-to-end race, it is more emphasize on car management where players steer their way through an almost American feel of scenery and induced graphics. Players find themselves selecting cargoes, choosing between assignments or financial expansion, and building a truck empire. This is a different car game and a different feel. Simulation fans will love this car game.

New car games come out each and every week. Try your best at look at the top 10 lists, as well as looking back at the older games. Just because the game is old doesn’t mean that the game won’t be great! There are also sites such as GameFly and more that showcase the upcoming games coming out. This is a great place to see what is going to come out that is in the automotive gere.

Whatever car games that you like best, it is sought after by developers that players will surely experience the thrill while playing. Also keep in mind that playing computer games should have limitations, it should not hinder your public and private life. It’s still worthwhile to go outside, and stop to smell the air and witness the outdoors.

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