Treating Depression In Dogs

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Treating Depression in Dogs


Tim Delaney

Is there such a thing as depression in dogs? Do dogs, like humans, get depressed? And if so, what are some of the symptoms? According to most veterinarians, there is no way to determine for sure what dogs are feeling because, of course, we cannot ask them; however, they do display some of the same symptoms as humans do when they become depressed.

Like humans, depression in dogs will have some of the same types of symptoms. These symptoms may include a loss of appetite, lack of interest in otherwise normal activities, and in some cases dogs will even withdraw and isolate (WebMD, 2012).

Often time\’s depression in dogs can be linked to simple or easily rectified problems like a poor diet and lack of exercise. In other cases, their depressed behavior may be due to a change in location, or even the loss of another pet your dog may have been used to living with for a number of years. As always, if you see a noticeable change in your pet`s behavior that seems out of the ordinary, consult with your veterinarian for further information and diagnosis.


Like humans, all animals need healthy and vibrant systemic functions to feel their best and to have the best level of energy for their daily activities. One of the most common misunderstandings about pets is that they need a healthy diet just as much as humans do in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. For many dogs, the biggest reason they develop degenerative disorders, sickness, and depression or lack of energy is directly related to their diet.

To help combat problems like depression, degenerative diseases, and other health issues, pet owners should invest in supplements that fight against these common problems.

There is an all natural 3-Pak supplement system which is an ideal and comprehensive nutritional supplement system. The 3-Pak system for pets includes Sprouted Ganules, Ox-E-Drops, and Bac-Pak Plus.

The combination of these three natural supplements will work with your pets natural body function to enhance and increase digestive enzymes, a stronger immune system, better mobility, and other important systemic functions that make for a better quality of life for your pet.

If you think your pet might be suffering from depression, it is important to get them active and in many cases, get them back into the routine they are familiar with. Shower your companion with affection and reassurance, just as you would with a two legged child.

article submitted by Tim Delaney, a multiple dog owner and pet advocate. References include



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